Simon Jones's domain for the PoshCoffee independent coffee house., the coolest coffee connection. Simon Jones Posh Coffee Coffee HouseHi, my name is Simon Jones and you've somehow found your way to, a domain name that I am not really using for anything at the moment other than email for myself and a few friends around the world.

If this page isn't what you were looking for, and I suppose the chances are it isn't, then try finding what you were actually looking for by using to search the web using the top web search engines (see also

However, if you have some time on your hands then why not check out some of my other websites including my blog, my 2012 photoblog 366 Pictures, and Meanwhile.'

A few people have asked me how I came up with the name 'PoshCoffee' and what, if any, are my plans for it. So for the sake of the curious among you I have created a little page to tell you more about PoshCoffee.

More about me, Simon Jones.
I'm a web designer/photographer and I create sites and content for companies, corporations, charities and the such (Using Mac's if you're curious). I didn't want to get to a stage where I hated my job, so I decided that in order to continue enjoying the web and this endless digital landscape, I had to create a place for me to be me. A place where I am the only person who tells me how this should look, feel and work. Without this little bit of space I might already have become one of the masses who drone on about how much I hate my job, and in effect therefore how much I hate my life.

I write, I blog, I take pictures, I produce internet radio shows (now known as podcasts), I make short films and I share all of this on the world wide web for you and anyone else to find and hopefully to enjoy.

So what more?
As I mentioned before, if you're really interested you should visit my main website and drill down through that. And as always, feel free to say hello anytime.

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